FAMÍLIA GOVINDA MULEY, Maratha Cast( Godry, Maharashtra,   
       2010 ):
 - Kishor ( 27 ), Aaron (31), Bimrao ( 56 ) and Sunita ( 50 ).<br>
       - 2,5 Hectares of field : Cotton, soya, corn, bean and mill.<br>
       - 63.000 Rupees  bank credit ( 1.047€ ).<br>
       - 2 suicides: Vishnou ( 35 years old, 10/11/09 ) third son and Digambar ( 39 years old, 15/12/08 ) older son.<br>
       -  Ingestion of pesticide.<br>
 Bimrao Govinda in a photo from his time in the indian army, in the ID photos his two dead sons and a piece of newspaper where his two alive sons works as a “ mules “.( Godry, Maharashtra, India, february 2010).  Bimrao Govinda Muley is a totally sunk man, after seeing how two of his sons have commited suicide ( Godry, Maharashtra, India, february 2010).  Young fellows trying to catch a snake in an empty swamp. The heavy drought of the last six years contribute to the peasants misery.( Chikly, Maharashtra, Índia febrer 2010).  FAMÍLIA TAKHRE, Patil Cast ( Gadegao, Maharashtra 2010 ):<br>
      - Narayan (14 ), Sangita (17 ), Parwatti ( 70 aprox ), Asha ( 42 ) and Babanrao ( 46 ).<br>
      - 1,60 Hectares: Soya, bean and cotton.<br>
      - 40.000 Rupees of bank credit ( 665 € ).<br>
      - 1 suicide: Dnyaneshwar, 23 years old, older son. Ingestion of pesticide,  
           December 2009.
 Asha Takhre still grieving, its only two weeks after her son´s suicide.( Gadegao, Maharashtra, India, january 2010 ).  Narayan Takhar, abatido, en la cocina de la familia. Dnyaneshwar, su hermano de 23 años, sólo hace dos semanas que se ha quitado la vida. <br> (Gadegao, Maharashtra, India, enero 2010).  A peasant drinks his own manufactured rum, hidden. Alcoholism is increasing by the agricultural crisis, the officials attributed to the consumption of alcohol the increase of farmer´s suicides( Malegao, Maharashtra, India, february 2010). 
      FAMÍLIA KAENDE, Vanzare Cast ( Mandwa, Maharashtra 2010 ):<br>
       - Durga (12 ), Darvana ( 39 ) and Darshana ( 17 ).<br>
       - 0,40 Hectares of field: Soya and beans<br>
       - 1 Suicidie: Baburao ( 42 years old, 23/01/09 ), father.<br>
       -   Ingestion of pesticides.<br>
        -  Government has donate 100.000 Rúpies (  1.662 € ) 
 Darvana Kaende takes a tea after a hard day on the field, her husband´s dead leaves Darvana with 2 daughters and a tinny field. ( Mandwa, Maharashtra, Índia, January 2010 ).  Darshana Kaende, 15 years old, she has left school and takes care of the house, after her father´s suicide ( Mandwa, Maharashtra, India, january 2010).  Darvana Kaende with some friends performing the daily ritual of singing for a lucky life. ( Mandwa, Maharashtra, Índia, january 2010 ).  The Dealers are one of the farmer´s big problems, coming from high casts, they usually buy the harvest at low prices, speculating and sell it back at high prices.(Washim, Maharashtra, India, january 2010).  Shankar Naghre has been saved by a miracle after trying to hang himself, in the photo, after leaving the comma.( Hospital Ozon, Akola, Maharashtra, India, january 2010).  Shankar Naghre gets a visit from their friends and relatives, shortly after having arrived at the hospital.( Malegao, Maharashtra, Índia, january 2010).  Digambar Naghre works by removing the peas from the branch, kicking on a wood carriage ( Malegao, Maharashtra, India, january 2010)..  Shankar Naghre suffers a relapse and he is seen by his son and the village´s doctor ( Malegao, Maharastra, India, january 2010 ).  Shankar Naghre rest next to the eggplant harvest, recovered after attempting suicide.( Malegao, Maharashtra, Índia febrer  2010 ).